Decorate!!! Decoraaaaaate!!!!

Since the Season’s Palette Hunts group holds seasonal hunt events, I decided to decorate the headquarters with an autumn twist.
You are all more than welcome to hang out in the HQ and don’t forget to invite your friends to the group!

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Season’s Palette Headquarters

I have finally found a home for the Season’s Palette Hunt.
In the headquarters, you will be able to find more information about the hunt.
If you have any questions, please drop a notecard in the mailbox.
Anyone is free to hang out… come by and say hi! 🙂
-Aura ❤

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We are now accepting applications!


Designers, content creators and store owners, listen up!

We will be accepting applications from September 5 to October 5, so please IM Aurora Savira for an application.

Also, please pass the word around 😉

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The site is still under construction.

If you would like to receive or inquire about the first hunt of the Season’s Palette, please contact Aurora Savira in-world for an application.

Thank you! 🙂

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Salire Valentine dresses for only 30L!!!

Yep! Salire Landar has just released two sets of new dresses for only (as usual) 30L! I think I’ve been posting Salire’s recent collections and I believe she should be recognized as one of the most generous and hardworking designers in the industry. I mean… come on! 30L for each outfit ?! That’s the best and practical alternative to any outfits available in SL. So do me a favor and give Salire Landar a thankful pat on her back 🙂

Here’s the first set:

Look 1:

Outfit: *salire Dolly dress/White&Red       30L

Shoes: [chuculet] balletflats – sweets colorpack  RED     10L

Look 2:

Outfit: *salire Dolly dress/Red&Black         30L

Shoes:  [chuculet] balletflats – sweets colorpack   BLACK        10L

Look 3:

Outfit:*salire Dolly dress/Brown&Fur       30L

Shoes: [IHS] Bows Bows Brown Suede     0L

Second set:

Look 1:

Outfit: *salire heart dress/Beige         30L

Shoes: [chuculet] balletflats – sweets colorpack  WHITE        10L

Look 2:

Outfit: *salire heart dress/Purple     30L

Shoes: [chuculet] balletflats – sweets colorpack PURPLE     10L

Look 3:

Outfit: *salire heart dress/Beige     30L

Shoes: [IHS] Bows Distressed Black     0L

Alrighty, Salire Landar informed me earlier that she has posted this dress as a lucky prize. It’s a cute and simple Valentine dress perfect for the occasion! So TP now and see if your luck has earned you the prize! 🙂


*salire Special Gift (for Lucky)                                     0L

Shoes: Wiki’s Wardrobe Sign Love Heart Pumps   0L

>>>>>> TP TO SALIRE <<<<<<<

***Thank you Salire L. for choosing me to review your items 🙂 Keep doing a great job ! 🙂 ***

Much Love,

Aurora Savira~

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Veschi! Veschi! Veschi!

I am HONORED to review Alla Ruff’s Veschi collection. I have been putting it off for quite some time and I am very sorry!

The day I stumbled in her store was… random haha! I think I was exploring the Thibedeau sim and it  looked a bit wacky and yummy- licious but somehow it reminded me of Tableau. Personally, I think I’ve told her this before, her clothes belong to the Tableau sim with the rest of the best vintage designers in SL. Despite how she isn’t one of the “Tableau Elite designers”  I still think she earns a place out there. Tableau or Thibedeau, Alla Ruff’s got potential to be a successful vintage and classy designer who portrays fashion into a more modern and colorful style which reflects youthfulness and creativity.

Here are some of my favorite outfits she has bestowed upon me. (THANK YOU!)

Look 1:  VESCHI

Top: Bourgewhat? Solids ochre

Pants: Bling Banger Leggings electric blue

Bag: Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma! Gold – Citrus

Look 2: VESCHI

Top: Bourgewhat? 2-tones beige/green

Skirt: 1980something green

Leggings: Warm Shiny Tights black

Look 3: VESCHI

Top: Bourgewhat? 2-tones maroon/gold

Pants: Bling Banger Leggings gray

Look 4 :VESCHI

Top: Bourgewhat? Solids turquoise

Pants: 1980something dark wash

I received a lot of complements in wearing this outfit at an art gallery and at a club and it’s one of my faves!

Look5 : VESCHI

Top: Bourgewhat? Solids white

Skirt: 1980something black

Bag: Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma! Silver – Berries


Jacket: No Strings Attached light beige

Top: Bourgewhat? 2-tones beige/green

Pants: Bling Banger Leggings white

Bag: Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma! Gold – Citrus

Look 7: VESCHI

Jacket: No Strings Attached Black

Top: Bourgewhat? Solids maroon

Pants: Bling Banger Leggings gray

There are more COLORS and WILD Printed leggings in Veschi and all it takes is to Click on this button:

>>>>>>>> VESCHI <<<<<<<<

To Ms. Ruff,

Thank you soo much for letting me review your new collection! Don’t worry, I’ll be raving more of them in the future soo… haha you’ll have to see!  THANK YOU AGAIN!

Much love,

Aurora Savira~

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Aurora’s Trademark

You’ve seen it in all my pictures and you’ve seen it in my blog!  You’ve also seen me (almost always) wear  the same skin with the red lips. People wonder what’s my trademark as a blogger, or what’s my signature as a fashionista, or a sim critic, or as a photographer, or as an avatar. My  3- word answer: Red ruby lips.

In RL, I love wearing red or flirty pink colored lipsticks. When wearing red ruby lips, I feel like I’m showing a sense of feminine prowess, sensuality and at the same time I feel chic. It complements to any outfit I wear and it’s the final touch on my make-up.

Now don’t get me wrong… Red is not necessarily my favorite color. I love that it makes anything stand out but it’s really not my color haha!  Since Valentine’s Day is almost here, I’ve decided to mix my red ruby lips with a few RED FREEBIE OUTFITS from Bliss Couture and Boudoir.

Look 1: The Girl- Next Door Valentine look

Dress: *Bliss Couture* Sweetheart Mini Dress Set   Group Gift   0L

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Kurvy Ruby Slippers -Exclusive Gift-     (past freebie)

For the next two outfits, you’ll find yourself saying this to your special someone as you wear either one of them:

“Happy Valentines baby! I’m your present tonight, so now go unwrap me and see what you get”

Honestly, the first one is from Bliss Couture and the second wrap me- bow outfit is from Boudoir. Go figure who came up with the idea first… They almost look the same by the way!

Look 2: The Maroon Velvet Wrap Valentine Outfit:

Dress: *Bliss Couture* Gift Wrap Bow Outfit    Group Gift       0L

Look3: The Royal Red Ribbon Wrap Valentine Outfit:

Dress: Vita’s Boudoir Unwrap me Baby!!             0L

Now you all know what’s my trademark. Glad all of you care! haha!  I hope you enjoy your sexy freebies 🙂 Tell me what your hubby thinks when you wear your scandalous present 😛  hahaha! DO SHARE! xD

Much love!

~ Aurora Savira ~


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